Version 1.2.0 (2018.05.01)

The biggest change of this version is the addition of the archive list and the improvement of the estimation functionality. HDPI support has also been greatly improved.

Archive list

When a project contains a large number of completed tasks, the list of done items starts to be unreadable. This is particularly disturbing when we work iteratively, now tasks can be archived.

Changes in estimation

Now each kanban card contains an initial and current estimation. Thanks to this, we can easily track the progress of work on the task.

Kanban card’s popup menu

To speed up the work, you can now use the kanban card’s popup menu:

Folded kanban card's popup menu
Folded kanban card’s popup menu

Improved project settings

New better configuration of the project allows setting the default positioning of cards. For example, whether new cards should appear at the beginning or at the end of the list.

New project settings
New project settings

Other fixes

  • improved HDPI support,
  • ability to change the font
  • ability to change the font size
  • correct window size after minimization (Windows)